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Good, but alarm doesnt work

Beautiful interface, good sounds (could not hear any loop points yet), multiple variants of sounds (e.g. different rain sounds). I couldnt find another app with so many good sounds for free! If this good impression is still the same in a few days, I will go and buy the pro version with even more sounds. However, there are also some problems: - interface is sometimes unresponsive for a few seconds (although sounds are never interrupted) - master volume control is missing to turn all sounds down e.g. when watching eyeTV! - I dont like the "binaural sounds". They dont seem to do anything for me but give me a headache. Luckily you dont have to use them ;). - the alarm does not work when the mac is in sleep mode All in all a great app with some room for improvement.

Very buggy

Tested on OS X 10.9.2 It crashes (on startup) and crashes, and crashes ...

Great sounds, awesome quality

This app offers a great range of relaxation sounds that are also individually combinable. I use the app when sitting in the library and writing articles, works perfectly and gives a relaxing sense of either being at the ocean or the rain forest!

Very good!

Very good for a free app! Very relaxing, keep me calm while working.

Very well done

Very soooooooooothing and comforting. Good job.

nice sounds

What I like the most is the easy access from my dock and the variety of sounds. Great work!

Very creative

I love that you can layer however many of the sound bytes you want. I use it to fall asleep to, and set the timer so it shuts itself off! A great addition to my computer.

Cool !

What a nice app !!! Very relaxing… even more. Just tried it as a free app but since I never removed it from my dock. Enjoy !

Relax Melodies is relaxing

As soon as you finish downloading this little app, open it up! After about 15 seconds of confusion you will figure this app out and constantly have it running in the background. Does not require much memory to work, offers a variety of sounds that can be run independently or in combination with one another. The demo is good enough for me. However, I am sure the full version would make me write an even better review! You can tell I wrote this review while enjoying this little app! Szpunar.


I think this is just brilliant. Im writing an exam for a promotion, so Im a little stressed. I find these sounds are almost as good as being in the woods or by the shore instead of cooped up in an apartment. Well done!

Good for studying

Ive been listening to this application while i study, and it is extremly relaxing. I find i focus more, and get my work done!!! Its great for a free app!!!


I discovered this app while on vacation, and realized that while sleeping in the spare room next to my mom and step dad… that my step dad snores… loudly. What I thought was going to be a LONG 10 days turned out not to be because I sleep very well thanks to this great app!


LOVE it all, and the binaural beats are great for concentrating in a chatty staff room.

Good voice blocker

helpful to block background noice so you can focus on studying

This is Fun!

Thanks, Relax Melodies Support, for responding to my question the next day. One gets tired quickly of the same relaxation tapes. What fun to be able to change these around!

loving the zen

I love this app, Im sure with the full version thered be a lot of cool extra features, but im totally down with sticking to th free version. so many different varriations you can do, i change up a few things each night, set it on a timer and fall off to a peaceful and relaxed sleep. Even just for meditating or reading, its so calming having this app on in the background. Highly recommend if you also want your zen ;)


Great App, helps me to relax while im surfing the web. Cool and awesome, especially its free...

Love it

I love this app. The huge variety of relaxing sounds, and the endless combinations, are amazing for a free app. I have it going in the background when Im working or just reading, havent tried it yet as an aid for meditation but Im sure it will be super for that too. Thanks!


This application is absolutely wonderful, AND ITS FREE! :D it is highly customizable and is well worth the download, keeps you focused or helps you fall asleep :) overall rating 90%

Another World

It takes me to another place. My selection of sounds allows me to think back of being together with my little Isis again. Thanks Relax Melodies!

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